What is Visitmoov ?

For a trip that looks like you

A budget, your wish list, the time you have in front of you ... automatically Visitmoov organizes a unique discovery experience that adapts to your pace. More than a list of attractions, Visitmoov advises you on places, activities and guides you step by step for a tailor-made discovery of your destination.

Welcome, your virtual travel agent, Visitmoov.

Magic Tour

Duration of your trip, your interests, your budget, opening hours, Visitmoov offers a tailor-made experience and no surprises.

Real time guidance

Transport ... you have 6 hours in front of you and what is worse than wasting time traveling. Visitmoov selects for you the best route.

Offline mode

A trip abroad and you want to preserve your connection? Prepare and save your trip to enjoy your visit without a connection.

Share your travel

Plan your trip to many by building a tour that fits everyone's desires. No more surprises !

This application is available for free on the App Store and Google Play
Visit 30 tourist attractions for free
Unlimited and free travel in the entire Fribourg region
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